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Custom OMP One Art Suit

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Totally printed FIA top level suit. High comfort thanks to semi floating arm bellows, legs and inner collar inserts in soft knitted elastic fabric. Breathable and elastic inserts ("Stretch Dry System" technology) on the limbs. High breathability parts in Dry System 3D material on back, hips and under the sleeves. Regular fit with ultraflat antirubbing seams, soft knitted fabric inside and two comfortable hidden pockets. Unlimited customization thanks to the totally printed design.  Pricing available on request when customisation level is determined (options include Made To Measure, 'Nascar' boot cuffs, foot stirrups, etc).


FIA increases the safety in motosport with the release of new standard FIA 8856-2018 for fire retardant racewear.
The new standard establishes the requirements for design and performance in terms of increased protection against flames and against heat transmission, mechanical resistance and tensile strength.