Honda Clutch-Flywheel Assembly

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Tilton’s Honda clutch-flywheel assemblies are now available with Tilton’s Honda hydraulic release bearing kit as a package at a savings of over $200 (compared to buying the products separately)! This discounted package is available for Honda B-Series and K-Series applications and includes these Tilton products:

  • 7.25″ 2-plate OT-II cerametallic clutch (standard with 480 or 910 lb-ft of torque capacity on request)
  • Billet steel flywheel
  • Hydraulic release bearing with steel braided lines and related fittings
  • 75-Series ¾” bore master cylinder
  • Master cylinder mounting adapter

Tilton’s Honda clutch-flywheel assemblies are designed to be a direct replacement for the stock assemblies, retaining the same diameter (ring gear size) as originally equipped with the car.

  • Cerametallic clutch-flywheel assemblies include a 7.25″ 2-plate OT-Series cerametallic clutch, disc pack, billet steel flywheel with integral ring gear and related hardware.