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Lithiumax 10A Charger

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Lithiumax 10A Multi-Battery IP65 Smart Maintenance LCD Charger

  • Versatile Charging Capabilities
  • Advanced Microprocessor Control:
  • 3-year warranty

The Lithiumax New IP65 Multi-battery charger has an LCD screen and a power supply mode of up to 10A 14.5V. It's a 10A fast charger for Pb/AGM/GEL/Calcium and LiFePo4 (LFP) batteries, with advanced microprocessor-controlled LFP and other battery-type charging.

The package includes a charging unit, eyelet harness, and alligator clip harness connected via a quality mini plug with a sealing cap. It can do 10A fast charging and maintenance 'trickle' charging for all Lithiumax and ElectriBank batteries and older, heavier batteries.

This charger can charge both 6V and 12V batteries, and it has an IP65 rating, making it weather-resistant. It can do 14.6V 10A (LFP) charging with smart conditioning charging for other battery chemistries. It accepts 110-240VAC input and comes with a total cable length of 4 meters. The product also includes a 3-year warranty.