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OMP One S Suit Navy Blue/Orange

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The OMP One S race suit has been updated to comply with the very latest FIA approval which calls for increased heat and flame protection. This professional, ultra lightweight 3 layer race suit benefits from years of input of top level drivers.

  • Incorporated OMP's 'DRY SYSTEM' to help reduce body temperature
  • Breathable elastane material in key areas allows for optimum mobility
  • Ultra flat 'anti-rubbing' seams improve comfort and reduce pressure points
  • Semi floating sleeves improve movement in the driving position

The 'DRY SYSTEM' utilised in the One S race suit comprises of breathable inserts located on the lower back, hip and under arm area. The system allows for air flow in these key area to reduce sweating and help reduce body temperature. 

3 Layer (235 g/m² material weight).
FIA 8856-2018 approved




New breathable material inserts are strategically located on back and lumbar area for maximum cooling in hot conditions.

Very often drivers incur situations in wich the regulation of body temperature is compromised and the risk of hyperthermia is very high.

The increase in body temperature increases the feeling of fatigue, dramatically reduces performance and potentially can lead to circumstances wich increase the risk of accidents.

Body areas subject to a greater perspiration are: underarm, brachial, back, lumbar, front tibial and popliteal areas.

 The OMP ONE line breathable suits and underwear facilitate the body thermo regulation, thanks to the innovative weave of the inserts, strategically positioned, that allow for high breathability whilst still maintaining their own fire-retardant properties