Protec Brushless Cobra Compact 11908 in-tank fuel pump (Order in)


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*NOTE* Currently is an order in product from Nuke In Sweden. Takes Roughly 3-4 weeks to order in


Check out the Nuke website to see what else they offer and more info


Protec Brushless Cobra Compact Kit
Petrol horsepower: ≈ 1000 - 1200 HP @ 75 PSI / 5 BAR (EFI engines)
E85 horsepower: ≈ 700 - 900 HP @ 75 PSI / 5 BAR (EFI engines)
Flow rate: 565 LPH (75 PSI, 12.6 Amp)
Safe for ethanol: YES
Fuel pump setup: In-tank fuel pump
Controller unit: 16443 PWM controller
Impeller design: Turbine pump mechanism

Protec Brushless Cobra Compact11908 in-tank fuel pump with PWM controller
The high Flow Brushless Cobra Compact fuel pump has been engineered to provide precise fuel flow for the most demanding applications. It is suitable for use with Ethanol, Methanol, and petrol (gasoline) the Cobra Compact pump is able to deliver fuel at higher pressures while using fewer amps.


This externally mounted Electronic Fuel Pump Controller operates DC Brushless Fuel Pumps. Available in various speed control options with this particular one a PWM signal-operated one, this compact system can operate up to 20 Amps and 16 volts. This controller is ONLY compatible with DC Brushless-based pumps and is NOT compatible with standard brush-style pumps or DC Brushless Fuel Pumps that have integrated controllers.