As the 2024 Formula One World Championship gears up for its opening race in Bahrain, all eyes will be on Brembo, the Italian braking system manufacturer, as they once again lead the pack in motorsport innovation.

With their hydraulic and friction components set to equip the majority of cars on the grid, Brembo reaffirms its status as the supplier of choice for Formula 1 teams.

Carbon Disc Evolution

Brembo’s legacy of innovation is epitomised by the evolution of carbon discs over the past two decades. From modest beginnings to cutting-edge technology, their carbon discs now boast diameters of up to 328mm for the front axle and 280mm for the rear. They are 32mm thick and have an impressive array of cooling holes.

Teams will have the option between the “wide spline” and the “single-sided spline”, each offering unique advantages tailored to specific racing requirements.

Comprehensive Caliper Solutions

In a reaffirmation of their unrivalled presence on the grid, Brembo will again supply brake callipers to all ten teams competing in the 2024 Formula One World Championship. Precision-engineered, these callipers feature up to 6 pistons crafted from solid aluminium and nickel-plated to withstand the rigours of high-speed racing.

Innovative Pump Systems and By-Wire Units

Brembo’s influence extends beyond callipers, with critical components such as brake pumps and by-wire units playing pivotal roles in optimising braking performance and dynamic balance on the track.

Teams using Brembo’s pump systems and by-wire units stand poised to unlock new levels of control, the next level in braking technology in Formula 1.

Tailored Solutions for Every Team

Recognising the diverse needs of each Formula One outfit, Brembo’s engineers have collaborated closely with teams to tailor bespoke solutions that strike the perfect balance between weight, stiffness, and performance.

Leveraging advanced telemetry and sensor technology, teams can monitor vital parameters such as disc and calliper temperature in real time, enabling precise adjustments to optimise braking efficiency and thermal management.

This part of Brembo’s offering is incredible when you think how many variations there might be among the team’s requirements. And show the full capabilities Brembo have.

As the 2024 Formula One World Championship unfolds, Brembo’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation will continue to set the benchmark for performance in motorsport. With their cutting-edge braking technology poised to redefine the boundaries of speed and control, one thing is sure: the road to victory begins with Brembo.

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