KW V3 Classic coilover kit for the best car of its time: Full adjustable suspension kit for Mercedes-Benz SEC

KW V3 Classic coilover kit for the best car of its time: Full adjustable suspension kit for Mercedes-Benz SEC

Fichtenberg (Germany), December 8, 2022 – More than 40 years after its launch, Mercedes fans are still delighted by the W126 and the C126. The 1979 to 1991 sedan (W126) and coupe (C126) S-Class represents the corporate identity of Mercedes. Within the automotive history. This car was far ahead of its time. Automotive journalists chose the Mercedes Benz S-Class as the best car worldwide. It was the benchmark for the upper class and a source of inspiration for following Mercedes-Benz models.

KW now offers KW V3 Classic coilover kits for all Mercedes-Benz SEC with an S-Class fuel injection engine coupe. When retrofitting a car with a KW coilover kit, the double-wishbone front axle and the trailing arm rear axle don’t need to be modified. The adjustment of seamless lowering happens directly at the spring perches and the spring plate mounts. Within the framework of the parts approval, the Mercedes-Benz SEC (C126) can be lowered from 20 to 45 millimeters.

KW now offers a coilover kit that is separately adjustable in rebound and compression exclusively for the Mercedes-Benz 380 SEC, the Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC, and the Facelift models Mercedes-Benz 420 SEC, Mercedes Benz 520 SEC, and Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC. Like the Mercedes-Benz W201, the front axle doesn’t need to be modified when retrofitting the vehicle with a KW V3 Classic coilover kit. The Mercedes-Benz C126 model uses a front axle with a double-wishbone and a rear axle with a trailing arm. Therefore, damper struts and coil springs of the coilovers are separated at the front axle.

The Mercedes-Benz SEC can be legally lowered when a KW coilover kit is installed. The height adjustment happens directly at the coilover springs. Within the parts approval, the adjustable scope of lowering at the front and rear axle lies between 20 and 45 millimeters. “Some Mercedes enthusiasts might fear having to retrofit MacPherson struts, but we can give the all-clear,” KW Classic expert, Sascha Daucher of the KW Brand Management Team explains, “The only thing that needs to be retrofitted when having an eight-cylinder V-engine is the optional starting torque support (level compensation) at the rear axle. But these are unnecessary within our dampers with multi-valve technology.”

A gain in modern vehicle performance and contemporary ride comfort

The modern damper technology is what makes the KW V3 Classic coilovers special. This leads to modern vehicle performance and contemporary ride comfort in the Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC (C126). With its comfortable driving characteristic, the 80’s upper class-Coupe doesn’t stagger or pitch at the transverse axis while accelerating or braking. This is due to the two-way compression and rebound valves in the KW dampers. “A Mercedes which is equipped with V3 drives way more dynamic than with a coilover setup that was developed 40 years ago,” Sascha Daucher says. Preconfigured highspeed valves help with poor street conditions like driving over bumps - the damper valves directly open all channels and dampen the street irregularities. In the pre-adjusted basic setup of our KW V3 dampers, the KW Classic coilover kit ensures that the Mercedes-Benz SEC drives as tight and as comfortable as possible. “The valves can’t be adjusted in their highspeed characteristic, but every driver can individually adjust the dampers in the low-speed range.” This enables either tighter or smoother handling within 16 clicks. With help of 12 clicks, the rebound can be adjusted for a more individual coilover adaption. Our KW V3 Classic coilover kit gives Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts more leeway in adapting the damper characteristic to their personal wheel combination and enables seamless lowering.