The launch of the KW V4 Clubsport for the BMW M4

The launch of the KW V4 Clubsport for the BMW M4

The popular and three-way adjustable KW V4 Clubsport coilover dampers received a technical revision to match the latest BMW M3 sedan, BMW M4 coupe, BMW M4 competition, and the new BMW M4 CSL. Similar to our racing applications in BMW’s M4 GT4 customer program, the latest KW V4 Clubsport coilover kit generation is manufactured with a motorsport alloy steel in combination with a 40-millimeters inverted-monotube damper cartridge. Nevertheless, many more motorsport components find application in the new KW V4 Clubsport coilover kit. The front axle struts have external reservoirs with adjustable high-speed and low-speed compression valves. At the rear axle, those valves are directly integrated into the rear axle dampers. The rebound is adjusted via the piston rod. In the scope of delivery, Unibal top mounts are included at the front and rear axle.

KW V4 Clubsport coilover kit

Current sportscars such as the BMW M3, BMW M4, BMW M4 Competition, and BMW M4 CSL become increasingly powerful. Even on the racetrack lap times become shorter and shorter. For those BMW M enthusiasts that want to unleash their sportscar on a racetrack, the suspension manufacturer developed the KW V4 Clubsport coilover kit. “We carry our KW Clubsport applications in our Track Performance delivery program. This way, our coilovers are remarkably close to our professional motorsport developments” Maren Vogt, KW Brand Manager for Track Performance, describes.

The new KW V4 Clubsport coilover kit in detail

The KW V4 Clubsport coilover kit for the BMW M4 (G82) with rear-drive is based on a KW motorsport coilover kit adaption. For many years, the KW automotive has been cooperating with the BMW customer sport program. “At the moment, we equip all BMW M4 GT3 with our five-way adjustable motorsport dampers. Furthermore, we are happy that our customer Schubert Motorsport and driver Sheldon Van der Linde won the DTM 2022. In January 2023, the BMW M4 GT4 with two-way adjustable KW Racing dampers will go to the startline worldwide.” For the BMW M4 track day community, KW automotive revised the V4 Clubsport coilover kit extensively.

A new feature are the wheel-guiding MacPherson struts which are manufactured in an inverted monotube (Upside-Down) with a 40 millimeter plain-bearing KW damper cartridge in vehicles with high lateral control forces. The reason: When driving on track, the rapid succession of chicanes, the tight curve radius, and higher speeds result in extreme lateral guidance forces on the BMW M4 front axle. “In the sportscar BMW M4 GT3, there are double wishbones at the front axle” Maren Vogt says. “To drive faster and longer on a racetrack with a street M4, we decided on inverted monotube struts in the engineering process.” At the front axle struts, the damper forces are generated at the piston and the low speed and high speed compression valves in the remote reservoir. With help of integrated adjustment wheels, fine-tuning for the respective track profile is available with 16 clicks for the rebound, 13 clicks in high-speed compression, and 14 clicks in low-speed compression. With the position-independent reservoir, the gas pressure volume can be optimized. With the KW single tube technology, it is beneficial that we can work with less gas pressure. Even when steering aggressively the BMW M4 chassis will be supported perfectly and curbs will be dampened by the Clubsport coilovers. Thanks to the Unibal aluminum top mounts the handling benefits even more. Additionally, the camber can be adjusted via the Clubsport top mounts on the front axle. On the rear axle, there is no external reservoir. Separately adjustable low-speed and high-speed compression valves are integrated directly into the damper. The adjustment of the individual damper setup happens directly on the purple and golden click wheels on the rear dampers. With 14 clicks the high-speed compression can be adapted, with 13 clicks the low-speed compression is adjusted. The aluminum top mounts for the rear axle dampers are attached directly to the original mounting points of the chassis. The KW V4 Clubsport coilover kit is available for all BMW M4, BMW M4 Competition, and BMW M4 CSL with rear axle drive. At the front axle, continuous lowering of 20 to 35 millimeters is possible. The rear axle can be lowered from 15 to 30 millimeters.