The Lowdown on OMP Racing Boots: Unleashing Performance and Style on the Track

The Lowdown on OMP Racing Boots: Unleashing Performance and Style on the Track

From the entry-level OMP Sport to the customisable ONE-ART and high-performance ONE EVO series, OMP offers a wide range of racing boots to suit every budget and motorsport level. Each boot combines innovative features, superior materials, and meticulous craftsmanship to deliver exceptional performance on the track. In this article, we’re going to highlight the benefits of each boot and show you the OMP difference.

ONE ART: Customisation meets Performance
The ONE ART boots offer the perfect blend of style and performance. Made from a single piece of fire-retardant material, these boots can be personalised with custom images, colours, and colour blends. Stand out on the track with boots that reflect your unique personality and sponsors.

ONE EVO FX R: Quick Lacing and Unmatched Support
Featuring rotor lacing for easy and quick lacing, the ONE EVO FX R boots offer exceptional comfort and support. The ultra-soft leather and injected sole provide a comfortable fit and superior grip. The boots also feature a new foot support system and a pivot-type heel for enhanced stability during high-speed manoeuvres.

ONE EVO X: Precision and Ventilation
The ONE EVO X boots combine precision and breathability. With thin lacing and an internal side made of perforated smooth leather, these boots ensure a secure fit and excellent airflow. The fabric inserts and injected sole with a rear bellow provide optimal comfort and flexibility for an enhanced driving experience.

ONE S: Comfort and Versatility
Designed for optimal comfort, the ONE S boots feature thin lacing and perforated smooth leather for breathability. The wide shape offers a comfortable fit, while the injected sole with a rear bellow provides flexibility and stability. These boots are perfect for drivers seeking all-day comfort without compromising performance.

ONE TT: Performance for Co-Drivers and Pit Crew
The ONE TT boots are designed specifically for co-drivers and pit crew members. Made from leather and featuring a two-tone EVA rubber sole, these boots offer comfort and maximum grip in all conditions, including uneven surfaces. The breathable material areas ensure optimal airflow, keeping your feet cool during intense moments.

Tecnica: Style and Durability
The Tecnica boots feature an internal side made of perforated smooth leather and an external side made of soft suede leather. These boots offer a perfect balance of style and durability. The ultralight outsole construction ensures excellent performance, while the distinctive design adds a touch of elegance.

First: Rotational Ease and Stability
The First boots combine functionality and ease of foot rotation. Made from suede leather with reinforced toe areas, these boots provide durability and protection. The round-cut heel design allows for easy foot rotation during intense driving manoeuvres.

OMP Sport: Entry-Level Performance
Ideal for entry-level racing, the OMP Sport boots offer a soft and comfortable microfiber construction. The exclusive anti-slip sole ensures excellent traction, while the silkscreen printing adds a professional look. These boots provide an affordable option without compromising quality or performance.

When it comes to racing boots, OMP stands out as a premium and trusted brand that offers a wide range of options to suit every racer's needs. From the budget-friendly OMP Sport to the customisable ONE-ART and high-performance ONE EVO series, OMP boots combine innovation, style, and performance to elevate your racing experience. Choose OMP and step onto the track with confidence and style.