Brembo Racing Brake Systems: Superior Performance for Winning Teams


Are you a racer or racing workshop looking for top-of-the-line brake systems? Look no further!

Racer Products is proud to supply Brembo race brake setups to some of New Zealand and Australia's most successful and renowned racing teams. With Brembo high-performance products, brake system knowledge and unwavering commitment to excellence, we deliver the winning edge to teams competing in prestigious events such as:

– Golden Homes North Island Endurance Series
– South Island Endurance Series
– Marc Cars Australia
– Super Utes and more.

What We Supply:

At Racer Products, we specialise in providing tailor-made brake systems specifically designed for the demands of motorsports. Our comprehensive product lineup includes:

Brembo Callipers: Experience unrivalled braking power and precision with our lightweight and heat-resistant racing callipers. You can choose from our range of monoblock and two-piece designs engineered for maximum performance and durability.

Brembo Rotors (Discs): Our racing rotors are crafted from premium materials, such as carbon or cast iron, ensuring exceptional heat dissipation, reduced fade, and consistent braking performance under extreme conditions.

Hawk Pads: Gain a competitive advantage with our high-performance brake pads. Engineered to withstand intense racing environments, Hawk Pads deliver unmatched stopping power, temperature resistance, and modulation for ultimate control.

Tilton Master Cylinders: Enhance your braking experience with our racing-grade master cylinders. They are designed for precise pedal feel and responsiveness and allow for accurate modulation and ensure optimal braking performance.

How to Order:

Ordering your custom race brake setup from Racer Products is quick and straightforward. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Contact our knowledgeable team via email at or phone 0800 722 371 to discuss your specific requirements and receive personalised recommendations.

  2. Our experts will work closely with you to create a customised brake system that meets the exact needs of your racing vehicle and aligns with your performance goals.

  3. Once your order is finalised, our team will quickly get your race-proven brake components to you.

  4. Hit the track confidently, knowing you have the best-in-class brake systems from Racer Products supporting your racing endeavours.

Join the winning teams and experience the unmatched performance and reliability of Brembo Racing Brake Systems. Get in touch today and elevate your racing game to new heights!