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79-Series (ABS Compatible) Master Cylinder.

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Tilton is proud to release their new range of 79-Series master cylinders. 79-Series master cylinders are specifically designed for use with motorsport ABS systems. Unlike traditional master cylinders, 79-Series master cylinders do not utilize a conventional cut-off port, and instead, feature a new port strategy with a mechanically opened cut-off/compensation path. Elimination of the cutoff port greatly reduces the chance of seal damage caused by high pressure pulsations from the ABS system.


  • New compensation port strategy designed for use with ABS systems
  • No port or orifice for seals to cross over and get damaged
  • Directly interchangeable with Tilton 77‚ÄêSeries and 78‚ÄêSeries master cylinders
  • Billet aluminum body with proprietary low‚Äêfriction coatings minimize wear and provides smooth operation
  • Rear spherical bearing mount and one‚Äêpiece piston/pushrod eliminates side thrust into the master cylinder bore, providing consistent and repeatable braking
  • Hand‚Äêbuilt, blueprinted and function tested
  • Serialized and recorded into Tilton build database
  • AN3 outlet port
  • Male AN4 o‚Äêring seal inlet swivel fitting (sold separately, P/N 79‚Äê523)
  • Fits Tilton 800-Series and 900-Series pedal assemblies
Note: Flexible lines must be used for inlet and outlet port plumbing.