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Listing is for:
1 x Nuke Performance CFC Unit - high profile version for brushless fuel pumps
1 x Delphi 6-pin bulkhead connector with Viton O-ring seal
2 x Female electrical connectors with 6 connection pins each
2 x 1/4" BSPP to Male barb 8mm hose fittings
1 x 1/4" BSPP plug, when using only one high-pressure fuel pump
2 x 39mm inserts for high-pressure fuel pump bracket
2 x 42mm inserts for high-pressure fuel pump bracket
1 x Viton gasket for 24 bolt pattern fuel cells (safe for alcoholic fuels)
1 x Low profile filler cap (remote fill neck available as accessory)
1 x Dual billet fuel pump bracket and adjustable pickup pump mount
1 x AN-8 (3/4 UNF) to AN-6 Male vent safety valve
1 x FLS spacer, used for fuel level senders with a not symmetrical bolt pattern
24 x 1/4-28 UNF x 1 bolts with nylon washers

The Nuke Performance CFC Unit, specially developed for use with brushless fuel pumps, such as Protec Cobra Compact and Deatschwerks DW440 Brushless. With integrated fuel surge tank and fuel pump hanger.
The Nuke Performance CFC Unit, specially developed for use with brushless fuel pumps, such as Protec Cobra Compact and Deatschwerks DW440 Brushless. With integrated fuel surge tank and fuel pump hanger.

 Fits your standard aftermarket Fuel Cell
 For brushless fuel pumps with additional venturi pickup
 Low weight "drop-in surge tank" for your fuel cell
 Integrated 2.0 liter Fuel Surge Tank functionality
 Single AN-10 ORB outlet, for a trouble-free installation
 100% proof for all types of fuel, including ethanol

The Nuke Performance CFC Unit eliminates the need for an external surge tank which is also needed when running a fuel cell, making it is a perfect solution for fuel-injected systems. Used with PWM control in combination with the CFC Unit prevents emerging heat when running numerous fuel pumps. This is the best way to eliminate the fuel starvation that may otherwise occur in motorsports. And with the new design that accommodates brushless fuel pump installation, it?s also possible to mount venturi pickup points that ensure a full surge tank even at extremely low fuel levels.

Integrated 2.0 liter surge tank with a billet fuel pump hanger for 1-2 brushless fuel pumps
The unique CFC Unit from Nuke Performance works as a fill plate replacement for fuel cells with the standardized 6x10" 24-bolt pattern fill plates from manufacturers such as ATL, Premier, Pyrotect, Fuel Safe, Radium, etc. The CFC unit for brushless fuel pumps is the perfect solution for a simplified and efficient high-performing fuel system where safety is of utmost importance. With the integrated drop-in surge tank, this setup eliminates the need for a space-consuming external surge tank.

 The most lightweight solution for your motorsports fuel system
 Fits most common FIA-homologated fuel cells

With all the needed fuel pumps mounted within the fuel cell itself, this product is the only thing you need. The simplicity of its design frees up space and weight while increasing safety, as fewer fuel line fittings are necessary and no external fuel pumps are used. With its unique low-profile billet design, this is the most lightweight solution on the market and lets you save crucial weight in your racecar.

Accommodates single or dual internal high-pressure brushless fuel pumps, fewer amps, less heat, and colder fuel
The Nuke Performance CFC Unit for brushless fuel pumps - Competition Fuel Cell Unit, with integrated fuel surge tank is designed to utilize one or two brushless fuel pumps within the integrated surge tank. This lets you choose a smaller pickup fuel pump with fewer amps, less heat, and lower fuel temperature as a result.

 Less heat, fewer amps, lower fuel temperature
 Control your fuel flow and pressure with PWM

The combination of the 6-pin connector lets you use a single or dual brushless fuel pump set up together with the three electrical connectors for the lift pump. This arrangement accommodates either a single or dual fuel pump or a single brushless fuel pump as the pickup pump. The CFC Unit for brushless fuel pumps is offered together with a range of brushless fuel pumps that suit our CFC Unit without any further modification.

Utilizes internal high-pressure brushless fuel pumps, for any need between 200 - 2000 horsepower
The CFC Units from Nuke Performance uses a billet fuel pump hanger and fits a single or dual brushless high-pressure fuel pump from Protec and Deatschwerks. As brushless fuel pumps use more connectors, but at the same time fewer amps, this CFC Unit is equipped with a 6-pin bulkhead electrical connector that lets you connect a single or dual brushless fuel pump within the surge tank. This solution is ready to deliver steady fuel flow for demands anywhere between 200-2500 horsepower without fuel starvation, even during demanding driving conditions, thanks to the internal surge tank.

 Fits 1 or 2 Protec Brushless Cobra Compact in-tank fuel pumps
 Fits 1 or 2 Deatschwerks DW440 / DW810 Brushless fuel pumps
 Designed to use a single or dual additional venturi pickup line
 Safe for all types of fuel, including alcoholic fuels such as E85

The CFC Unit for brushless fuel pumps is developed for use with the Protec Brushless Cobra Compact and Deatschwerks DW440 Brushless fuel pumps. In combination with the Nuke Performance fuel pump mounting kits, it has never been this easy to set up a high-performance fuel system. Every part of the CFC Unit is guaranteed to work perfectly with alcoholic fuels like ethanol, even through long-term usage. It also fits common 39-mm fuel pumps, but as these fuel pumps use more amps it's recommended to use the other CFC Unit models available with the fail-proof 6-mm connectors.

How to mount fuel pumps within the Nuke Performance high-profile CFC Unit for brushless fuel pumps?
The single fuel pump mounted in the fuel cell functions as a feeder fuel pump, ensuring that the high-pressure fuel pumps within the oversized 2.0-liter (0.53 gallons) surge tank always have enough fuel to maximize flow and minimize the risk of starvation, which could seriously harm your engine. For more information, view the product manual. The brushless fuel pump edition CFC Unit is delivered with everything you need to install the fuel pumps of your selection, but we recommend adding one of our fuel pump mounting kits for optimal functionality. All fuel pumps are securely mounted in all conditions thanks to the billet fuel pump brackets.

Which brands and what type of fuel cells can be used with the high-profile version of the CFC Unit from Nuke Performance?
The high-profile CFC Unit is developed out of the low-profile version, but with the addition of being able to, without any modifications, mount the CFC Unit into the popular Saver Cell fuel cells from ATL, and Fuel Safe fuel cells. These fuel cells have a smaller opening than other common fuel cells, demanding this new design.

One benefit of this higher profile design is that it requires less minimum mounting depth, at 197-mm (7.75") instead of the 219-mm from the previous slim-design version. This high-profile version offers the minimum mounting depth and fits smaller openings while boasting the same undisputable top-notch functionality and just a little bit more weight than the low-profile lightweight version.

Offered with a selection of fuel cells from ATL, Pyrotect, and Nuke Performance, all delivered with the preferred CFC Unit
Changing from a stock fuel tank to an aftermarket, FIA-approved fuel cell has never been easier. We offer the high- and low-profile CFC Unit in combination with fuel cells from ATL and Pyrotect. For a simple and affordable solution when not in need of homologation, check out the Alucell 40/60-liter fuel cells from Nuke Performance.

 Available with FIA-homologated fuel cells from ATL and Pyrotect
 Fits the affordable AluCell fuel cells from Nuke Performance

Select your preferred CFC Unit that fits according to your selected fuel pump setup. This version is designed with additional electrical connectors that manage all the wiring that is needed when using brushless fuel pumps from Protec, Deatschwerks, Fuelab, and others.

NEW : The Fuel Cell Vent Kit AN-6 fits straight to the vent valve of the CFC Unit for easy installation
The CFC Unit is equipped with a roll-over protected AN-8 (3/4 UNF) to AN-6 Male vent fitting, and the easiest way to route the vent line into a safe and functional position is to accommodate a fuel cell vent kit from Nuke Performance. Available in several sizes, from AN-6 to AN-12, you can choose the kit that suits your needs the best. If you want to use a larger vent line than AN-6, you also need to swap the fitting on the vent valve, view the assortment here. The vent kit is delivered with a 1m (3.3ft) nitrile fuel hose and a universal air filter that prevents debris to get into your fuel system.

Our wide variety of fittings and fitment possibilities suits your every need for fuel delivery within an aftermarket fuel system
The CFC Unit uses AN-10 ORB outlet and AN-8 ORB return inlet fittings. The use of the oversized, high flow AN-10 ORB outlet combines the internal fuel pumps into one single fuel line and minimizes the need for external equipment, hoses, and fittings. The included rollover protected vent fitting is of AN-6 (3/4 UNF) and can be swapped for AN-6 to AN-10 when needed. Outlet and return AN-6, AN-8, AN-10, and AN-12 fittings are sold separately as accessories.

How does the Nuke Performance Competition Fuel Cell Unit work?
The CFC Unit works as a fuel pump hanger with an integrated surge tank for motorsports applications where safety and functionality are of uttermost importance. It is designed to mount directly to an aftermarket fuel cell with a standardized 24-bolt pattern. For more information about the functionality of the CFC Unit, view our Youtube video explaining its functions or visit our FAQ guid? that tells you more about the CFC Unit.

How to connect fuel pumps to the electrical connectors and fuel lines?
The Competition Fuel Cell Unit (CFC Unit) for brushless fuel pumps, with an integrated fuel surge tank, utilizes a bulkhead 6-pin connector to manage the needed wiring points when using brushless fuel pumps. The CFC Unit arrives with the bulkhead connector, pins, and male/female connectors necessary to mount a single or dual brushless fuel pump mounted within the surge tank. Each brushless fuel pump uses 3 pins for its external controller unit. With the use of fewer amps, the bulkhead connector makes a perfect match for a simple and service-friendly solution.

 Bulkhead 6-pin connector for the high-pressure fuel pumps
 3 x 6 mm connectors for the additional lift pump

The additional 6-mm electrical connectors are meant to be used for the lift pump, and with the three connectors, you have many options to choose from. You can mount a brushless lift pump, a low-pressure lift pump, or even a dual low-pressure setup if you want to mount the fuel pumps in each corner of the fuel cell. The fuel line connects to the included barb fittings, but we recommend adding one of the fuel pump mounting kits for your selected fuel pumps to get all the benefits of easy maintenance, fail-proof functionality, and long-term durability even when running alcoholic fuels such as ethanol.

Additional venturi pickup line ensures the surge tank internal fuel level even when using the smallest pickup pump
Both the Protec Brushless Cobra Compact and Detschwerks DW440 Brushless in-tank fuel pumps let you connect an additional venturi pickup kit. The venturi kit is not meant to be used alone, without the use of a pickup pump. Its purpose is to help to ensure the fuel level within the internal surge tank while at the same time accommodating a smaller and lower flow-lift fuel pump mounted within the fuel cell. The CFC Unit for brushless fuel pumps has room and functionality for a dual venturi kit installed alongside a single lift pump, all at the same time.

Low profile fuel filler cap or remote fill neck for 50mm fuel fill hose?
The high-profile CFC Unit is delivered with a low-profile filler cap with integrated roll-over protection. But for those who prefer a remote fill, we offer a remote filler neck for a 50-52 mm fuel fill hose. It fits straight into the CFC Unit and uses integrated roll-over protection mounted on the underside of the CFC Unit. The remote filler neck is available as an accessory.

Choose the right Fuel Level Sender Unit for your aftermarket fuel cell
For most applications, an accurate fuel level sender is required to get an optimal experience. The Nuke Performance CFC Unit fits the most common fuel level senders that utilize the 5-bolt SAE pattern. The CFC Unit is delivered with a low profile and lightweight, block-off plate that easily can be swapped for a fuel level sender of choice. You can get your CFC Unit delivered with an FLS, make sure to select the right length when placing an order. For easy selection, measure the depth of your fuel cell and subtract approx 20mm (0.78") and select the fuel level sender that comes closest to your measurement.

How to fit any of the CFC Units from Nuke Performance to your own custom fuel cell
The CFC Unit from Nuke Performance is made to fit the standard 24-bolt pattern 6x10". We offer an aluminum flange that makes it possible to bolt the CFC Unit to a custom-manufactured fuel cell that uses this standard pattern. You can either weld it to your aluminum cell or copy the pattern to your top sheet and bolt the CFC Unit to it putting the top sheet in between the flange and the CFC Unit. The CFC Unit arrives with a Viton gasket (safe for all types of fuels), which fits perfectly for custom fuel cell applications.

Complete your high flow fuel system with Nuke Performance Full Flow series fuel lines, hose ends, and fittings
Nuke Performance offers a wide variation of both PTFE and nitrile fuel line systems for your every fueling need. The lightweight fuel cell fill plate replacements from Nuke Performance are a perfect match to the Nuke Performance Full Flow-series fuel lines. Available in AN-4 to AN-12 and in a wide variation of available fittings and accessories. And with the handy selection of fuel line tools, it has never been as easy to assembly your fuel system.

Made in Sweden with high demands from worldwide motorsports
Co-developed with worldwide motorsports teams, it has become a common sight in motorsports such as time-attack, drifting, and GT racing. Saving weight is often equally important as chasing horsepower, and for several of our customers, they have been able to perform weight savings of more than 10kg by upgrading to our compact and lightweight solution. The Nuke Performance CFC Unit for brushless fuel pumps - Competition Fuel Cell Unit, with integrated fuel surge tank, is a perfect fit for aftermarket fuel cells and is designed, developed, and manufactured in Sweden with the highest possible quality, with the same hallmark as the other parts in the lightweight Nuke Performance motorsports range.

There is no substitute for the quality of Nuke Performance.

Nuke Performance CFC Unit for brushless fuel pumps specifications
For more information about CFC Unit specifications, view the product manual.

 High profile CFC Unit Part #  150-05-204
 Minimum mounting depth 197mm (7.75?)
 Mounting bolt pattern 6x10" 24-bolt pattern
 High-pressure fuel pump connector 6-pin bulkhead connector
 - Connector points x 6 (max 30 ampere / each *)
 Pickup fuel pump connector 6 mm bolt connector
 - Connector points x 3 (max 125 ampere / each *)
 Length 295mm (13.74?)
 Width 194mm (9.88")
 Weight 2254g (4.96lb)
 Fits number of lift fuel pumps 1 x brushless fuel pump (2 x brushed)
 Fits number of high-pressure pumps 2 x brushless fuel pumps
 Fuel compatibility Gasoline, Methanol, Ethanol, E85
 Fits additional venturi lift kit YES - fits 1-2 additional venturi kit
 Internal surge tank volume Approximately 2.0 liter (0.53 gallons)
 Outlet port, thread AN-10 ORB, view range
 Return port, thread AN-8 ORB, view range
 Vent valve, thread AN-8 (3/4 UNF), view range
 Vent valve fitting included AN-8 (3/4 UNF) to AN-6 Male
 For motorsports use YES
* for reference only