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Bell HP5/GT5 Side Air

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The HP5/GT5 Side Air kit allows both the HP5 and GT5 to be adapted for use as a side forced air helmet by directing the airflow through the natural ventilation channels in the front of the helmet. The kit is attached using aggressive double sided adhesive and is available in white, matte black or Carbon in nozzle configurations including V.05, V.05 20 Degree and Quick Lock V.10.

  • 2070072 - HP5 Side Air Kit Carbon QL (V.10) Nozzle
  • 2070073 - HP5 Side Air Kit Carbon (V.05) Nozzle
  • 2070083 - GT5 Side Air White QL (V.10) Nozzle
  • 2070084 - GT5 Side Air Matte Black QL (V.10) Nozzle
  • 2070085 - GT5 Side Air White (V.05) Nozzle
  • 2070086 - GT5 Side Air Matte Black (V.05) Nozzle