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Seat GT-PAD with Padding Kit

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Sabelt GT-PAD Race Seat Details:
  • Manufacturer: Sabelt
  • Manufacturer part number: RFSEGTPAD
  • Rating: FIA 8855-1999
  • Weight with medium driver (thick) pads: 10.7 kg, 23.58 lb
  • Weight with large driver (intermediate) pads: 10.5 kg, 23.14 lb
  • Weight with x-large driver (thin) pads: 10.5 kg, 23.14 lb
  • Seat colour: Black
  • Seat cushion colours: Black, Red
  • Shell material: VTR developed using GT and WRC input
  • Integrated head protection system
  • Shoulders and hips designed according to the requirements of Regulation 8862 for improved driver safety
  • Rear structural reinforcement for no flex to reduce driver fatigue
  • Ergonomic foam sections are studied with CAD simulations and tested by our professional drivers to improve driving comfort.
  • ADS-Air Ducting System: Separation of the pad system to improve air circulation by increasing the seat breathability and improving driving performance
Sabelt GT-PAD Race Seat Features:
The Sabelt GT-PAD allows different size drivers in the same race car in a FIA-certified head containment seat. Working from the top down, we see enlarged shoulder belt openings between a solid but compact head containment structure. Shoulders wrap forward in an angle ready for small, compact cockpits but comfortable for real sized drivers. The waist lap belt openings are nicely formed into the side of the shell to allow a full range of proper belt placement to your chassis.