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Lithiumax RACE 9+

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Introducing the award-winning Lithiumax RACE9+ Bluetooth battery.

900CA capacity and advanced Battery Management System

65Ah PbEq equivalent capacity suitable for various vehicles
80% weight reduction compared to standard lead-acid or AGM/GEL batteries
In-built Bluetooth App monitoring and protection from various issues

Lithiumax Batteries are now available in the new RACE+ series. Weighing just 3.8kg, this battery has a 900CA capacity and an advanced patented Battery Management System. With a 65Ah PbEq equivalent capacity, it is suitable for cars, 4WDs, bikes, and boats with up to 6.5L displacement.

Replace your standard lead-acid or AGM/GEL battery with Lithiumax and enjoy 80% weight reduction. This battery can be charged using your vehicle, boat, powersports, light aircraft, or motorcycle's standard alternator/generator up to 200A or up to 100A using a stand-alone AC/DC or DC/DC charger.

Lithiumax batteries were designed in Australia specifically for race and road cars, SUVs, 4WDs, boats, bikes, powersports, and aircraft. It is a direct drop-in replacement for lead-acid or AGM batteries.

With an onboard Battery Management System and in-built Bluetooth App monitoring, you can monitor battery voltage, current draw, charge/discharge status, core and skin temperature, and remaining capacity. This battery is protected from short-circuit, over-charge, over-discharge, and over-temperature.

The Lithiumax RACE+ battery is a reliable and long-lasting solution for all your power needs. Get yours today and experience the difference.

Product Specifications:

RACE9+ 900CA Lithium LiFePO4 Car/Bike/Boat & Aircraft Starter Battery
RC rating of 125 mins at 25 degC
Dimensions: (H)175 x (W)165 x (D)125mm
Weight: 3.8kg
Battery operating temperature: -20degC to 85degC

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