Nuke Air Jack On Board 12V Compressor Kit, 13.8 BAR / 200PSI, 2.5 gallons (Order in)

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Listing is for:
1 x VIAIR Stealth series 12V compressor
1 x VIAIR 2.5 gallons air tank, approved for 200 PSI
1 x VIAIR illuminated dash panel with pressure gauge and on/off switch
1 x 200 PSI pressure sensor
2m OD 8mm quick connect vacuum tube
2 x 1/4 BSPP 90 banjo quick connect fittings
1 x 1/4 BSPP Plug
1 x Pressure release valve
1 x 1/4 Drainage Plug
1 x Petcock ball valve for 8mm vacuum tube

On board, 12v compressor kit with a 2.5 gallons air tank for the Nuke Performance Air Jack 90 C. Holds 13.8 BAR / 200 PSI when fully filled.
This kit lets you use an onboard compressor and air tank for the low-pressure air jacks from Nuke Performance. The system is recommended for vehicles with a maximum weight of 1400kg / 3100lb if used with a 4-kit. The easiest way to change your tires on the drift track without bringing anything else than a fresh set of tires.

 Includes a 2.5-gallon VIAIR air tank
 Stealth series 12V VIAIR compressor
 Luminated gauge with handy on/off switch
 To be used with the Nuke Performance Air Jack 90C
 Complete kit, ready for up to 1400kg / 3100lb

This kit uses a high-quality Stealth series 12V compressor and 2.5-gallon air tank from the well-known air suspension manufacturer VIAIR and is adapted with the needed connectors and hoses from Nuke Performance to give you a complete kit with everything you need for your installation. Combined with the low-pressure air jacks from Nuke Performance (available here) that only needs 8 BAR / 120 PSI to lift a total of 402kg / 886lb each, this kit gives you the support you need both in the workshop, at the racetrack or just for show.


 Everything you need to lift your vehicle with you at all times, you only need 12V to lift the car up for easy tire changes, maintenance, or alignment.
The Air Jack On Board 12V Compressor Kit, 13.8 BAR / 200 PSI, 2.5 gallons includes everything you need for a easy installation. The 12V Stealth series compressor combined with a sensor kit fills the 2.5 gallons (9.46 liter) air tank within minutes up to its limit of 13.8 BAR / 200 PSI which is ready to use when you pull the valve and raise the system. When the pressure is released the on-board compressor lets you fill the air tank again ready for its next lift. 

 Air Jack On Board 12V Compressor Kit Specifications
For more information about specifications, view the product document.

 Air Jack compatibility Nuke Performance Air Jack 90 C
 Air Tank connections 1/4 NPT
 Air Tank capacity 9.46 liter (2.5 gallons)
 Air Tank length 607.00mm (23.90")
 Air Tank depth 151.00mm (5.94")
 Air Tank height 193.50mm (7.62")
 Air Tank connectors 1/4 NPT
 Compressor model VIAIR 485C Gen.2
 Compressor type 12-Volt
 Compressor motor Permanent magnetic motor
 Compressor max pressure 13.8V (200 PSI)
 Fill rates 2.5 gallons 0-200 PSI : 140sec. (? 10 sec.)
 Fill rates 2.5 gallons 165-200 PSI : 35sec. (? 3 sec.)
 Max. amp draw 46 Amps
 Pressure switch 165 PSI ON / 200 PSI OFF