Nuke Aluminium flange 24 bolt pattern for CFC Units (Order in)

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*NOTE* Currently is an order in product from Nuke In Sweden. Takes Roughly 3-4 weeks to order in

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Listing is for:
1x 24 Bolt Flange for CFC Units

The Nuke Performance CFC Unit is able to be mounted to any type of fuel tank/fuel cell with this aluminum 6x10" 24-bolt pattern flange.
The Nuke Performance aluminum flange uses the well-known 24-bolt 6x10" pattern and is made for either welding to an aluminum fuel cell or to be fitted with countersunk bolts to be held in place.

Made of lightweight, high-quality aluminum and is delivered unoxidized to make it possible to be welded to an aluminum fuel cell, if wanted.

Thread size : 1/4-28 UNF x 1

This is a good solution for those who want to use/manufacture a custom fuel cell to their own specifications. Together with the Viton gasket provided with the CFC Unit, it makes a perfect seal, safe for all types of fuels.

Delivered without bolts or gasket. Both bolts and gasket are included with the Nuke Performance CFC Unit (150-05-201).