Nuke AN-10 ORB to Atmospheric Air Filter Kit

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Listing is for:
1 x Universal air filter with AN-10 ORB thread
1 x AN-10 ORB to AN-10 ORB 90 Degree Adapter

Nuke Performance Universal Air Filter with AN-10 ORB to AN-10 ORB 90-degree fitting, the perfect kit to mount an external air filter for your universal catch can.
The universal air filter from Nuke Performance is the perfect add-on to all the universal catch cans equipped with an AN-10 ORB thread, and with the angled 90-degree ORB Male to ORB Male adapter, you can fit this filter to all of Nuke Performance catch cans.

 AN-10 ORB to Atmospheric setup for universal catch cans
 Oversized filtration area thanks to the large filter diameter
 Fits straight onto all Nuke Performance catch cans
 The 90-degree angled kit enables low-profile installation

This universal air filter uses an AN-10 threaded port instead of a hose and clamps attachment, with the wide variation of fittings available you can adapt this filter for various application needs, such as this kit used as an atmospheric vent filter for your catch can setup.

Space-efficient installation with the angeled adapter, one extra step of filtration for your catch can installation.
The Nuke Performance catch cans already come with a filtered outlet port, but with this kit, you can add one more layer of protection, or just as a visually appealing add-on to your engine bay. This AN-10 ORB to Atmospheric Air Filter Kit comes with everything you need to install it straight to the AN-10 ORB female threaded outlet port of all Nuke Performance catch cans

The threaded port of the Universal Air Filter makes one filter work as twenty, the possibilities never end with all the available fittings.
With the threaded AN-10 ORB female port, you can choose which type of connection you want to use, and with this kit, we combined the universal air filter with a 90-degree AN-10 ORB to AN-10 ORB fitting which lets you mount the air filter in a space-efficient way with all the Nuke Performance universal oil catch cans.

AN-10 ORB to Atmospheric Air Filter Kit Specifications:
For more information about specifications, contact us directly.

 Filter housing Anodized aluminum housing
 Filter media Stainless steel reinforced cotton media
 Threads AN-10 ORB
 Diameter 50 mm (1.96")
 Length 100 mm (3.94")
 Weight 128 g (4.51oz)
 For motorsports use YES
 Part # 700-04-132
 EAN 7340209505757