Nuke AN-6 ORB to AN-6 Male Full Flow Banjo (Order in)

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*NOTE* Currently is an order in product from Nuke In Sweden. Takes Roughly 3-4 weeks to order in

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Listing is for:
1 x AN6 ORB threaded full-flow bolt
1 x AN6 Male, AN8 Male, AN10 Male, AN6 Female banjo
1 x Stainless steel C-clip
2 x Viton O-ring, safe for all types of fuels, including E85

Nuke Performance Full Flow Swivel Banjo fittings are available in many sizes, and versions, and both with male and female output.

The AN-6 ORB full flow swivel banjo fittings allow for a space-efficient installation with minimal flow loss, thanks to the oversized full-flow internal design. The fitting provides 360-degree rotation even when tightened and is safe for use with all types of fuels, including alcoholic fuels.

 Swivel design, 360? rotation even when tightened
 Oversized internal full-flow design, minimal flow loss
 A low-profile banjo fitting enables space-efficient installations
 Safe for all types of fuels, including alcoholic fuels such as E85
 Leak proof for both low and high-pressure installations

The Nuke Performance banjo fittings are available in numerous versions, making them ideal for various applications in your fuel system, oil system, vacuum, and crankcase catch can installations. They are safe for all fuels, thanks to their dual Viton O-rings setup. The Nuke Performance Full Flow Swivel Banjo fittings represent the next level of engineering for a 90-degree banjo fitting.

The female outlet swivel banjos give you endless possibilities and installation options.
Offered with both male and female outlets, the female port provides flexibility to adapt Nuke Performance Full Flow banjos into different setups, including SAE quick connect, barb fittings for rubber hoses, and more.
AN-6 Male to SAE J2044 ?7.89 5/16" Male Part #: 150-20-411
AN-6 Male to SAE J2044 ?9.49 3/8" Male Part #: 150-20-412
AN-6 Male to AN-6 Male 1/8 NPT gauge adapter Part #: 310-02-201
AN-6 Male to Barb 8mm Male Part #: 700-07-101
AN-6 Male to Barb 10mm Male Part #: 700-07-102

AN-6 ORB Full Flow Banjo Specifications:
For more information about specifications, view the product sheet.

 Bolt thread (clear) AN-6 ORB
 Outlet thread (black) AN6, AN8, AN10, AN6 Female *
 Swivel rotation 360 degrees, also when it is installed
 Compatibility Gasoline, Ethanol, Diesel, Coolant, Air
 Diameter bolt (clear) 27mm (1.06")
 Diameter banjo (black) 34mm (1.34")
 Height, when installed
30mm (1.18")

* Choose the outlet thread version when placing an order