AN-8 (3/4 UNF) to AN8 Male Fittings (Order in)

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*NOTE* Currently is an order in product from Nuke In Sweden. Takes Roughly 3-4 weeks to order in

Check out the Nuke website to see what else they offer and more info

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1x Fitting

These fittings are specially designed for the Nuke Performance product range. Nuke Performance recommends that you always use the fittings provided by Nuke Performance when changing size or function on all Nuke Performance products.

The AN-8 range is used on Nuke Performance:

  • Fuel Pressure Regulator FPR90
  • Fuel Filter / Fuel Filter Slim / Fuel Filter 200mm with AN-8 3/4" end caps
  • Fuel Surge Tanks
  • Competition Fuel Cell Unit (return inlet, valve)
  • Y / X-Block
  • Fuel rails

Available in AN-6, AN-8 and AN-10. All three with thread size 3/4 UNF.
Choose between different sizes when placing order.

If you wish to change, or complement the use of fittings of the highest quality, we recommend that you use our fittings which are designed to withstand high power and excessive wear and in the right combination with the products they were intended for.

Available in several sizes and varieties.

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