Nuke ATL Container for Saver Cells for 80L (Order in)

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*NOTE* Currently is an order in product from Nuke In Sweden. Takes Roughly 3-4 weeks to order in

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Listing is for:
1x ATL Container

ATL Saver Cell aluminum containers. To comply with FIA regulations, Saver Cells must be installed within an aluminum container, please take into account the dimensions of the container and not the saver cell when checking chassis fitment.

It is not recommended for customers to build their own aluminum containers without consulting ATL as any sizing issues may invalidate the warranty. These containers can only be ordered together with the fuel cell, if needed after delivery you must contact us prior to order to check the time to delivery.

80 liter (21.13 gallons) ATL Saver Cell 150-08-804
Container : Length : 881 mm / Width : 459 mm / Height : 250 mm