Nuke Black Nylon PTFE Stainless Braided Fuel Hose AN-8, 1m length

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1x 1m PTFE Hose

Nuke Performance Black Nylon PTFE Stainless Braided Fuel Hose. Available in AN-6, AN-8, AN-10, and AN-12. High quality, lightweight, full flow fuel hose for PTFE hose ends.
Nuke Performance offers a wide range of PTFE hose ends and fuel hoses. With the PTFE lineup, you get a perfect solution for all types of fuels, including alcoholic fuels such as ethanol.

 Safe for all type of fuels, including ethanol
 For Nuke Performance Full-Flow PTFE hose ends
 Available in AN-6 / AN-8 / AN-10 AN-12
 Available in pre-cut lengths of 1 / 2 / 4 / 6 m
 A number of heat shrink sleeves included
 Much longer life span than an ordinary fuel hose

The wide selection of hose ends from Nuke Performance is of the highest possible quality and is available in AN-6 to AN-12 size and in a variety ranging from straight to 180-degree versions. The Full-Flow PTFE fuel hose works as inexpensive insurance for your injectors, filters, and fuel pumps.

Black nylon braided PTFE lined fuel hose for motorsports
The inner Teflon liner withstands all types of fuels, including alcoholic fuels such as ethanol, methanol, and race fuels. The PTFE fuel hose from Nuke Performance has a much longer life span, as it won?t degrade in the same way that the usual nitrile rubber fuel hose does over time. This protects your injectors, fuel filters, and in the long run, your fuel pumps from getting jammed and harmed by the dissolved interior of nitrile fuel hoses. The Nuke Performance PTFE fuel hose is carbonized for conductivity, which is crucial for motorsport fuel systems. The black nylon braided PTFE-lined fuel hose from Nuke Performance is available in various sizes.

The PTFE liner inside the fuel hose acts as a vapor barrier
The Nuke Performance PTFE fuel hose has an internal Teflon (PTFE) liner that acts like a vapor barrier when running all types of fuels. This becomes especially useful when running alcoholic fuels, which otherwise often go through a traditional nitrile or rubber fuel hose. This comes in handy when you want to run the fuel hoses within the driver's compartment, as well as in your workshop between races and racing seasons.

Outstanding flow capacity and extended life for motorsports
The Nuke Performance Full Flow PTFE lineup uses a full-flow design that lets you design your fuel system with minimum flow loss. With its three-layered design, it has a much smaller outer diameter than an ordinary nitrile fuel hose. The PTFE liner prevents the fuel hose from hardening and does not fracture or crack. This helps to prevent fuel leakage and the smell that would occur when running an ordinary nitrile fuel hose.

Developed upon high demands from worldwide motorsports
Co-developed with worldwide motorsports teams, this lineup of hose ends and fuel hose is ready to give you maximum quality even in demanding conditions. The Full Flow range of hose ends is made with the same hallmark as all other parts in the lightweight Nuke Performance motorsports range. There is no substitute for the quality of Nuke Performance!

A wide variation of tools and accessories
To make your hose end and fuel setup installation as trouble-free as possible, Nuke Performance offers a wide variety of handy tools and accessories for fuel hose assembly. The adjustable aluminum wrench with its V-shape will revolutionize your hose end assembly
Adjustable Aluminum AN Wrench AN-4 to AN-16 Part # : 700-30-105
Aluminum Vise Jaws for AN fittings Part # : 700-30-201
AN Aluminum Wrenches AN-6/8/10/12 Part # : 700-30-101/2/3/4
Spare Aluminum Olive inserts Part # : 810-20-106/8/10/12

Nuke Performance Full Flow PTFE Hose End Fittings are available in AN-6, AN-8, AN-10, and AN-12. The matching braided PTFE fuel hose is available in pre-cut lengths of 1m, 2m, 4m, and 6m (3-20ft). 

Nuke Performance PTFE Hose End / Fuel Hose Specifications
For more information about specifications, view the product manual.

 AN-8 Hose Series # 820-02-108 - 820-02-608
 AN-8 Hose Ends # 810-01-108 - 810-18-108
 Available Sizes AN-6 / AN-8 / AN-10 / AN-12
 Fuel Hose Length 1m (?3ft) / 2m (?6ft) / 4m (?13ft) / 6m (?20ft)
 Fuel Compatibility Gasoline, Methanol, Ethanol, E85, Racefuel, Diesel, Oil
 Heat Shrinks Included 1m=2pcs / 2m=2pcs / 4m=4pcs / 6m=4pcs
 Fuel Hose Inner Liner PTFE (Teflon) inner liner
 Fuel Hose Braiding Stainless steel and nylon
 Temperature Range -70?C to 250?C (-94?F to 480?F)
 Conductive Inner Liner YES
 For Motorsport Use YES
 AN8 Operating Pressure
170 BAR (2500 PSI)
 AN8 Burst Pressure 550 BAR (8000 PSI)
 AN8 Inner Diameter 10.6mm (0.42")
 AN8 Outer Diameter 12.7mm (0.50")