Nuke Fuel Cell Vent Kit AN6 (CFC Unit)

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Listing is for:
1 x Universal air filter with AN-10 ORB thread
1 x AN-10 ORB to 10mm male barb fitting
2 x Full Flow AN-6 Straight AN fittings
1 x 1m (3.3ft) Full Flow nitrile AN-6 fuel hose

Nuke Performance Fuel Cell Vent Kit fits straight to the CFC Unit or any common aftermarket fuel cell and is available in several sizes.

The universal ventilation kit from Nuke Performance is available in AN-6, AN-8, AN-10, and AN-12 versions. The Fuel Cell Vent Kit AN-6 fits straight onto the CFC Unit AN-6 vent outlet and prevents the fuel cell from being pressurized during operation.

 Complete kit for easy installation
 1m (3.3ft) nitrile hose included for easy routing
 Utilizes a unique air filter with an AN-10 threaded port
 Available in AN-6 / AN-8 / AN-10 / AN-12 versions
 Approved for use with alcoholic fuels

The Nuke Performance Fuel Cell Vent Kits are the perfect accessory for the Nuke Performance CFC Unit, no matter being installed in an Alucell, ATL fuel cell, Pyrotect fuel cell, and many more. For the Nuke Performance CFC Unit, you need the AN-6 version to fit straight onto the fuel cell unit without changing the ventilation fitting delivered with the CFC Unit.

The fuel cell vent kits come with everything you need for a quick and simple installation.
With each Nuke Performance Fuel Cell Vent Kit you get all the parts needed for a quick and easy installation of the ventilation fitting on your fuel cell. Delivered with a 1m (3.3ft) precut nitrile Nuke Performance Full Flow fuel hose of the chosen size, and all the fittings needed for a quick and safe installation. The unique air filter used utilizes an AN-10 ORB thread port instead of the standard clamp connection, the same filter is used for all kits spanning from AN-6 up to AN-12.

Available in several sizes spanning from AN-6 to AN-12 sized kits for most applications needed.
Offered in several different sizes, the Nuke Performance Fuel Cell Vent Kits fit not only the Nuke Performance CFC Unit, but also most used fill plates on fuel cells from various manufacturers such as ATL, Pyrotect, Fuel Safe, Premier Fuel Systems, Radium, and more.

 AN-6 version is used with the CFC Unit vent fitting
 AN-12 version is recommended for quick fill setups

The AN-6 version fits straight to the fitting delivered with the Nuke Performance CFC Unit, but if needed the AN-6 vent fitting can be changed (view assortment here) to manage dry break and quick fill options. Each kit is delivered with the fittings to fit the same AN-size as the kit.
Fuel Cell Vent Kit AN-6 Part #: 150-22-206
Fuel Cell Vent Kit AN-8 Part #: 150-22-208
Fuel Cell Vent Kit AN-10 Part #: 150-22-210
Fuel Cell Vent Kit AN-12 Part #: 150-22-212

How to route the Nuke Performance Fuel Cell Vent Kit to your aftermarket fuel cell to prevent fuel loss during racing.
Ventilation lines from a fuel cell must be routed away from heat, sparks, and overexposed locations to protect against a possible accident.

Installation instructions:

  1. Choose the preferred size of the vent kit according to your needs and the equipped vent fitting on your fuel cell.
  2. Make sure to always use a roll-over protected vent fitting on your fuel cell. The Nuke Performance CFC Unit is equipped with an AN-6 roll-over protected fitting as standard and can be changed into AN-8, or AN-10 with the simple change of the vent fitting.
  3. The vent line should route upwards for at least 20cm (0.65ft) to let eventual fuel that could be pushed into the went line during racing be allowed to drain back into the fuel cell.
  4. Route the line into 1-2 loops that act like a trap for any fuel that gets into the line due to vaporization or overfill of the fuel cell.
  5. Route the vent line in the direction of the vehicle, the vent should be located in front of the vent on your fuel cell.
  6. The end of the vent line should be higher than your filler cap, and whether using a direct or remote fill, the vent line should exit outside of any closed compartment, and away from excessive heat sources such as the exhaust system.

The use of a fuel cell vent kit.
A fuel cell needs to be ventilated to prevent pressurization and the Nuke Performance Fuel Cell Vent Kit is the easiest way to accommodate a clean and simple solution that fits most vehicles. Each part can be ordered separately to be able to perform a custom vent kit.

The Fuel Cell vent Kit utilizes a unique and universal air filter with AN-10 thread. Lets you choose between a wide variation of fittings.
The brand new universal air filter from Nuke Performance comes with an AN-10 ORB female thread, letting you choose freely between a wide variation of fittings for your every possible need. This little handy air filter can be used in many different applications and with the use of a commonly used thread instead of a classic rubber hose, this air filter can be used for many different applications. The filter is also available for purchase without the rest of the parts in the kit.
Universal Air Filter with AN-10 ORB thread Part #: 150-22-101

Fuel Cell Vent Kit Specifications:
For more information about specifications, view the product sheet.

 Available sizes AN-6 / AN-8 / AN-10 / AN-12
 Included vent line 1m (3.3ft) nitrile fuel hose
 For motorsports use YES
 Fuel compatibility Gasoline, Methanol, Ethanol, E85, E100
 Included air filter 150-22-101 (replaceable)
 Filter connection AN-10 ORB (view range)
 Filter dimensions  
 - Diameter 50 mm (1.96")
 - Height 45 mm (1.77")
 - Weight 43 g (0.09 lb)
 AN-6 Part # / EAN 150-22-206  /  7340209505276
 AN-8 Part # / EAN 150-22-208  /  7340209505283
 AN-10 Part # / EAN 150-22-210  /  7340209505290
 AN-12 Part # / EAN 150-22-212  /  7340209505306