Nuke Fuel Level Sending Unit 0-90 Ohms 9"


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Pyrotect fuel level sending unit fits the Nuke Performance CFC Unit.
0-90 Ohms fuel level sending unit available with our without fuel gauge that fits standard SAE 5-bolt mounting pattern.

Fits fuel cells provided by Nuke Performance:

150-FLS-09 : 228 mm / 9" Pyrotect 10 gallon fuel cell
Pyrotect 12 gallon fuel cell
Pyrotect 15 gallon fuel cell
Pyrotect 18 gallon fuel cell
Pyrotect 22 gallon fuel cell
ATL 40 liter saver cell
AluCell 20 liter aluminum fuel cell
AluCell 40 liter aluminum fuel cell
AluCell 60 liter aluminum fuel cell

Ohm resistance:
0 Ohms : empty
90 Ohms : full

Optional specifications:
0-90 Ohms / 76-6 Ohms / 240-33 Ohms, contact us for more information.

Fuel level sending units for motorsports, aftermarket fuel cells
Fits the most common fuel cells including Pyrotect, ATL, Fuel Safe, Harmon, Premiere, Jaz, etc, and is the perfect match for the Nuke Performance Competition Fuel Cell Unit. Ordered with our without fuel level gauge.

Approved for all types of fuels, for all types of motorsports
Approved for petrol, methanol, and ethanol. Available in several different lengths, choose the size when placing an order. If ordered together with a fuel cell we will make sure that you get the right one delivered with your order.

Order the fuel level gauge without a fuel level sending unit
If you need a fuel level gauge and already purchased your sending unit, you can buy the gauge as an accessory if needed.
Fuel Gauge OHM Rating 0-90 Ohms Part # : 150-FLG-01