Nuke Remote Mount Fill Neck for the CFC Unit

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Listing is for:
1x Remote mount fill neck for 50mm (2") ID fuel hose
1x Viton O-ring

The Remote mount fill neck for the CFC Unit lets you connect a 50mm (2") internal diameter fuel fill hose to your fuel cell equipped with a Nuke Performance CFC Unit.
The Nuke Performance CFC Units feature a low-profile filler cap. To connect a fuel filler hose for a remote filler cap, an additional fill neck adapter is required. This adapter enables the use of a 50mm (2") internal diameter fuel filler hose to connect directly to the fuel cell.

 50mm (2") filler hose adapter
 Connects to the M42x2 thread of the CFC Unit
 Safe for all types of fuel, including alcoholic fuels
 Viton O-ring gives a safe and secure installation
 Fits perfectly for the Nuke Performance fuel filler hose

The Remote mount fill neck adapter securely attaches to the Nuke Performance CFC Units with an O-ring seal, ensuring a safe connection even in demanding motorsports conditions. This allows for the use of the Nuke Performance Fuel filler hose Kit, 90cm (3ft), and the Nuke Performance Remote quick lock filler cap, making the fuel filling process both easy and safe.

The barb connection filler neck is designed to fit 50mm (2") fuel filler hoses, such as the Nuke Performance Fuel Filler Hose Kit 90cm (3ft), a lightweight and flexible option for easy refueling.
Designed for use with the Nuke Performance CFC Units, the remote mount filler neck easily connects to a 50mm (2") fuel filler hose, such as the lightweight and extremely flexible Nuke Performance corrugated Fuel Fill Hose Kit. Made out of the same high-quality material as our popular in-tank fuel pump mounting kits, this fuel fill hose is safe for use with all types of fuels, including E85 and other alcoholic fuels. It won?t break down or become brittle over time like other hoses on the market, making it the perfect choice for long-term use.

Combine with the Nuke Performance Remote quick lock filler cap for a trouble-free and easy-to-reach fuel fill installation.
Simplify your fuel cell fuel-filling process with the Nuke Performance Remote Quick Lock Filler Cap, the perfect combination with the flexible and lightweight fuel filler hose. The Nuke Performance filler cap features a lightweight design and a quick lock mechanism. With just a 90-degree turn, you can lock and unlock the cap with ease.