Nuke Stainless Steel P-Clamp for AN6 fuel hose 10pcs (Order in)

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*NOTE* Currently is an order in product from Nuke In Sweden. Takes Roughly 3-4 weeks to order in

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Listing is for: 10x P-Clamps

Simple, safe, and affordable installation of aftermarket AN / rubber / nitrile fuel hose with Stainless Steel P-Clamp for AN fuel hose 10pcs.
These classic P-Clamps are the simplest but also the most obvious accessory for mounting the AN fuel hose to your vehicle. Available in several sizes with perfect fitment for our range of fuel hose.

 Safe installation for all type of vehicles
 Perfect fitment for Full-Flow AN fuel hose
 Rubber inserts for minimal vibrations
 Stainless steel M6 P-Clamps

Delivered in packages of 10pcs, available in various sizes. Make sure to choose the wanted size when placing your order.

Fits M6 bolts. Stainless Steel P-Clamp for AN fuel hose 10pcs.

AN fuel hose AN-4 (O.D. 11mm) Fuel Hose Part # : 820-10-404
AN fuel hose AN-6 (O.D. 14mm) Fuel Hose Part # :
AN fuel hose AN-8 (O.D. 17mm) Fuel Hose Part # : 820-10-408
AN fuel hose AN-10 (O.D. 21mm) Fuel Hose Part # : 820-10-410
AN fuel hose AN-12 (O.D. 24mm) Fuel Hose Part # : 820-10-412

Quantity : 10pcs