Nuke Stainless steel single ear Hose Clamp 10.3 - 12.8mm 10pcs (Order in)

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10x Clamps

Single ear hose clamp for Nuke Performance convoluted black nylon in-tank fuel hose.

Fits convoluted fuel hose attachment to fuel pumps, barb fittings and other attachments. Fits 10.3 - 12.8mm attachment.

These single ear, one-time use hose clamps is used best with a hose clamp plier but you can use the most type of pliers to crimp them into fitment.
Hose Clamp Plier 200mm Part # : 150-20-304

 Fits fuel hose:
500mm fuel hose Part # : 150-20-301
350mm fuel hose Part # : 150-20-302

Included within fuel pump mounting kits from Nuke Performance.

Quantity: 10pc