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OMP Gloves Sport Black/Red

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OMP Sport Race Gloves stand out with their unique blend of features designed for the discerning racer:

  • Optimal Comfort: Crafted with Nomex? material, these gloves provide a snug yet comfortable fit, ensuring maximum comfort during intense races.
  • Enhanced Grip: High-grip silicone palms and finger inserts offer superior control and handling, letting you navigate the track with precision.
  • Value for Money: Experience premium quality without the premium price tag. These gloves are an affordable choice for both aspiring and seasoned racers.
  • Modern Style: Available in a range of vibrant colours, these gloves boast a contemporary design that complements your racing gear perfectly.
  • Certified Safety: With FIA 8856-2018 approval, you can trust in the reliable safety standards these gloves uphold.


FIA increases the safety in motorsport with the release of new standard FIA 8856-2018 for fire retardant racewear. The new standard establishes the requirements for design and performance in terms of increased protection against flames and against heat transmission, mechanical resistance and tensile strength.