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Racing Optics XStack 10 is a stack of ten laminated tear-offs that are two millimetres thick each. The patented laminated film technology creates a distortion-free optical lens that provides racers with clear visibility in the harshest conditions. This means that you can focus on what matters most – winning.

Cleaning your equipment during a race can be impractical and time-consuming. That's why Racing Optics XStack 10 saves you precious time by allowing you to restore clear visibility instantly with its multiple removable layers. Each package contains three stacks of ten tear-offs for a total of thirty, so you can always have a fresh layer at the ready.

Investing in quality equipment is crucial, and Racing Optics XStack 10 protects your team's investment by enhancing rider and driver safety and extending equipment life. The industrial-strength, durable film is custom-sized and easy to install on glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate, fitting and performing on goggles, visors, and windshields of all shapes and sizes.

Pacing Optics understands that residue can be an issue when changing layers, but their adhesive stays with the discarded layer, eliminating any residue on the remaining stack. Plus, the perimeter seal or dry stack application locks out debris and protects the lens from scratching.

You can stack up to thirty layers, delivering visual acuity from start to finish of long races. Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your motorsport equipment. Upgrade to Racing Optics XStack 10 and experience the difference in quality and performance.

Remember, Racing Optics XStack 10:

‚úÖ Provides racers with clear visibility in the harshest conditions

‚úÖ Saves precious time when cleaning is impractical

‚úÖ Protects your team's investment in equipment

Order your Racing Optics XStack 10 now and get ready to win more races with RO Racing.