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Tilton Firewall Mount 2 Pedal Box 600 Series

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Tilton’s 600-series firewall-mount aluminum pedal assemblies feature traditional fixed-mount master cylinder and balance bar technology and provide excellent performance at competitive prices.


  • Forged aluminum pedals are engineered for high rigidity and low weight.
  • Adjustable pedal ratio (5.0:1 ‚Äì 6.2:1) enable the brake pedal¬†to be tuned to driver preference without having to change master cylinder bore size.
  • Foot pads can be adjusted vertically, horizontally and in angle to suit individual driver preferences.
  • Large diameter 7/16‚Äù-20 balance bar provides maximum rigidity. ¬†PTFE coated aluminum clevises for increased durability and reduced friction.
  • Pedal pivots feature wave washers to reduce lateral pedal movement and oil impregnated bronze bushings decrease stiction.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame features guide ‚Äúramps‚Äù to reduce balance bar tipping, decreasing friction and improving brake repeatability.