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WOODWARD Needle Bearing U-Joints

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Since 1989, Woodward steering universal joints have been the preferred choice of race car builders everywhere, and have won every major race and series championship in North America many times over, including the NASCAR championship. Woodward pioneered the use of caged needle rollers with a slight preload to create a joint without backlash and with noticeably lower reversing inertia than conventional automotive designs. That means enhanced sensitivity at the steering wheel, and makes even the smallest steering input more effective—whether on a superspeedway at 200MPH or sideways on a dirt bull ring.

Mechanical Specifications Weight 310g (smaller hole=heavier part; larger hole=lighter part) Rotational clearance circle 1.75 (44 mm) diameter Maximum possible angular misalignment 32 degrees Recommended operating angle <20 degrees="" torque="" resulting="" in="" bearing="" damage="" data-mce-fragment="1">250 lb/ft (>339 Nm) Torque resulting in plastic deformation >275 lb/ft (>372 Nm) Ultimate breaking torque >300 lb/ft (>406 Nm)

Note: Racer Products stock universals with the standard Woodward 201 spline on one side or with blank hole on both sides. We can make specials to meet your requirements on request.