KW Suspension

For over 25 years KW Automotive GmbH has been the epitome of premium suspension products in car tuning and automobile refinement. KW offers its customers the largest sports and racing suspension program worldwide with each kit being handmade. The entire range from springs over sports suspensions to coilover suspensions is unsurpassed in the market today.

Track Performance

You take part with your street legal sports car mainly in track days on racetracks or you start with your racecar at different motorsport events? In the "Track Performance" product category you will find the ideal suspension technology for your track days with your road-legal vehicle and also full adjustable racing shocks for professional motorsport.

KW 2-way Clubsport and KW 3-way Clubsport

Racetrack performance with street legal road approval! Our KW Clubsport coilover suspension kits offer you top motorsport technology for road vehicles with sports tires for use on the racetrack and on the street. We developed our KW Clubsport coilover suspensions especially for sporty drivers like you, who regularly participate with their street cars on the racetrack in tourist rides, sports driver training courses, or other track day events and at the same time want a road legal and convenient daily driving feature with their suspension. The preset, vehicle-specific basic setup was specially designed for the Nordschleife and the use of sports tires. The various adjustment options allow individual setups to suit the vehicle weight, tire characteristics, different track conditions and operating conditions.

Street Comfort
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